Monday, October 26, 2015

Pixar Series 3 Vinylmation Figures - Stinky Pete, Russell, Edna Mode & More

Image courtesy of Dan the Pixar Fan

Check out these newly released Pixar Series-3 Vinylmation figures! This set features: Stinky Pete, Linguini, C.D.A. Agent, Bruce, Russell, Guido, Edna Mode (Chaser) and WALL•E (and two variant figures). What a great line-up and supplement to the two existing series of Pixar Vinyls. For detailed photos of each character, head over to the Dan the Pixar Fan site (and read more details).

You can buy the Vinylmations on the Disney Store website or if you're looking for each character individually, click our pre-filtered eBay search results to take you to a specific figure listed below.

Here's a closer look at the two variants as well. The Stinky Pete black-and-white version goes great with the other Toy Story B&W figures and the C.D.A. Agent is perfect to allow you to pose two agents next to each other (and still have them look different).