Sunday, June 21, 2015

'Inside Out' Funko Mystery Minis Quick Look

Funko's Mystery Minis recently released a series based on the character of Inside Out. What's fun about these approximately 2.5" tall vinyl figures are the fun poses as well as the fact that they're released in blind bags — so you don't know what character you're going to get until you open them. Also, it's exciting to see the release of three additional characters which are exclusive to Hot Topic stores — those characters being two exclusive subconscious security guards and one of Joy in Bing Bong's rocket ship! Check out our one-minute video for a closer look at a few of the characters.

You can buy the Funko Mystery Minis online or in select retailers — click the links below for more details.

Buy at Hot Topic, Amazon, or search for a specific character on eBay (using our pre-sorted search).

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