Monday, March 16, 2015

Pizza Planet Truck "Yo" T-Shirt

By now you certainly know that the Pizza Planet Truck (made famous after its inaugural role in Toy Story) has been featured in every Pixar movie...well, except The Incredibles. But, did you know that a real, working, full-sized version of the truck exists? If not, take a look at our video from 2013 when we were lucky enough to have met up with Marco (the truck's owner) - heck, we may have even delivered a few pizzas!

Marco's goal this year is to get the truck to San Diego Comic Con, but the truck is in need of some upgrades and repairs. You can show your support of the fan-created truck project by purchasing a lemon-colored "Yo" T-shirt which will not only look super-cool, but will also help raise funds for more Pizza Planet Truck travels! More details can be found on their T-Shirt fundraising page or on the Gofundme page.