Monday, August 29, 2016

Party Big This Holiday Season with the 'Partysaurus Rex' Ornament

What Up Fishes?! Our excitement was overflowing when news of a Partysaurus Rex holiday ornament was rumored to be released this season. When we heard that it was a Disney parks exclusive, we called the parks merchandise line right away and eagerly awaited Rex's arrival. Approximately 10 days later, we ripped open the package (carefully though...since it's an ornament) and simply smiled while nodding our heads as if to say, "yessss!"

Although our Partysaurus ornament will stay out all year (no way we could pack him up), we can't wait to display it alongside our other Pixar-themed ornaments this season. You can pick up the great Partysaurus Rex ornament at Disneyland, Disney World or by calling the Disney Parks merchandise line at (877) 560-6477 Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Note that the beads in his hand are not included - helmet, hair and beads around his neck with peace symbol are included.

Let us know by leaving a comment below if you picked up this great ornament!

Check out all of our Partysaurs Rex posts and in case you haven't seen, we even made a custom Partysaurus Rex large-scale toy.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mosnters, Inc. Tsum Tsum Plush Collection - Now Available

Today marks the launch of the cute, Monsters, Inc. Tsum Tsum plush characters featuring Ceilia, Boo, Roz and many more characters (we're particularly excited for Fungus and Ceilia). The characters will be available first in Disney Stores and then broadly released wherever Tsum Tsum plush are sold (the exclusive to Disney Store time frame is unknown). Pick them up online now — click the links below to head right to the Disney Store. (Thanks to Dan the Pixar Fan for the reminder that these launched today.)

Minis: 3.5"

Medium 12" & Large 24":

Thursday, June 23, 2016

'Finding Dory' Plush - Baby Dory & Interactive Sea Otters Are Adorable

If you've seen Finding Dory, you've certainly been smitten with the adorable Baby Dory. If you haven't (or just want to enjoy the hilarious scene again), check out this clip featuring Baby Dory attempting to play hide-and-seek with her parents. Now you can take home your very own Baby version of Dory thanks to the latest release from the Disney Store — click any image or this link to buy the adorable plush today. If they're anything like the Baby Arlo (The Good Dinosaur) or Baby Judy (from Zootopia) they'll sell pretty quickly.

In addition to the new Baby Dory plush, they have also released a pair of interactive, cuddling, sea otters as well as a fun Dory ear hat holiday ornament. For even more Finding Dory Disney Store merchandise, check out our previous look at the second wave of Disney Store products.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Build-A-Bear 'Finding Dory' Collection (Photo & Video Review)

If we think back about our toys when we were young, one of the first things we reminisce about are our favorite plush characters — we took them on adventures (real or imaginary), we snuggled them for naps and even invited them to elaborate dinner parties. When the Build-A-Bear Workshop originated in the late 1990's, we immediately wished it were around when we were kids. The experience of picking out your character and then bringing them to life (by stuffing, customizing and accessorizing) is nothing short of magical. Although kids love the experience, it doesn't mean that adults or young adults won't love it just as much — in fact, Julie and I had one of our earliest dates at Build-A-Bear and we still have the flamingo we made.

Build-A-Bear Workshop currently has a limited edition line themed after Finding Dory (featuring Dory, Nemo, Ocean Bear) and they are wonderful — in fact, we think the Dory plush is the best plush we've ever seen made for her. We knew we had to have all three characters and wanted to pass along our thoughts on the line – as well as accessories. Watch our quick-look video below (or direct on our YouTube channel) and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Which character do you like the most and have you bought one yet?

Head into your nearest Build-A-Bear Workshop (store locator) and check out the full line of Finding Dory plush and accessories.

Pixar Post - T.J.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

'Finding Dory' Tsum Tsum Collection In-Stores

Image courtesy of Pixar

Check out the new Finding Dory Tsum Tsum collection which hit Disney Stores today (May 17). The new mini-set welcomes classic characters back, like Crush the Turtle and ushers in new adorable additions, like the sea otters, Bailey and Destiny (among others). Check them out below – click any link for more information, or to buy that figure on the Disney Store.

As a side note - although the characters are hitting shelves everywhere today, the full line was available at the Pixar Studio Store (for employees and studio guests) for about a month.

MINI Series - 3.5" - $5.95 Each

Dory & Nemo Collection

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

'Finding Dory' Merchandise Popping Up On Target Shelves

Over the last few days, more and more products related to Finding Dory are popping up online. The retailer, Target has quite a bit of Dory-related kids clothing, toys and a play tent! You'll notice that the merchandise tends to focus on Hank, Nemo and Dory, however we were pleased to see a few items with additional characters such as the crabs, sea lions and otters.

Click any photo to view that partuclar item on the Target site.



Wednesday, May 4, 2016

'Finding Dory' Funko Pop! and Mystery Minis Coming Soon

Fans of the Funko series of Pop! and Mystery Mini's will be excited to learn that the fun-and-uniquely designed vinyl figures will be hitting shelves in June 2016. Between the two series, we definitely favor the Mystery Mini figures for the variety and cute-factor. Our favorites are the white tile Hank (camouflaged against the tile background), Gerald (with his green bucket) and Becky the Loon. We'll definitely be picking up a few of these to get our favorites...or maybe all of them. Which characters do you like the most?

Monday, April 18, 2016

Finding Dory Merchandise Hits Disney Stores

The Disney Store has just been updated with a ton of amazing Finding Dory merchandise from toys, to clothes to some of the best looking plush toys we've seen in a while. Check out a summary of our favorites below, check out a promotional video (by Disney) highlighting some of the new items and then head to the Disney Store site to pick up these new items. (If you missed the first round of Finding Dory swimwear released in January, check it out here.)

Click any photo to view that partuclar item on the Disney Store site.

Plush Toys

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

LEGO Minifigures Featuring Mr. Incredible, Syndrome, Buzz & Little Green Men

Hitting shelves this May, a new series of 18 blind-bag LEGO Minifigures will feature (for the first time) characters from Disney and Pixar films. From a Pixar standpoint, we're very excited to see Buzz Lightyear, a Little Green Man, Mr. Incredible and Syndrome. We love the papers that Mr. Incredible and Syndrome are holding — Mr. Incredible's says, "Doing Our Part" while Syndrome's appears to be more of a schematic for the Omnidriod.

If the line is successful, you can almost guarantee that a second series featuring more of your Disney and Pixar favorites would be released — but for that news, we'll have to wait and see. If more figures were to be released, who would you want to see included? Woody, Remy, WALL-E?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Finding Dory Swim Gear (Kickboard, Figures, Beach Towels) and More

Over the last few days, more and more products related to Finding Dory are popping up online. Here are a few new ones we've recently spotted. One thing we also found interesting is how at this point all of the products only highlight Nemo, Dory and Hank - additional characters will be popping up soon.

Swimways Disney Finding Dory Dive Characters - (Shown above) Set of 3 soft, flexible water toys are fun to play with both in and out of the pool. Use them for dive and retrieval practice to encourage new swimmers. Includes one each of Dory, Nemo and Hank. Ages: 5 and up. Online at eBay (sold direct through Toys R Us)

New Disney Store Additions - Flip FlopsBeach TowelsBoys and Girls Swimsuits and more (click the photo below to go right to the Disney Store).

Swimways Disney Finding Dory Kickboard - Blue - Ages 5 and up.
Online at eBay (sold direct through Toys R Us).

Step2 Finding Dory Swim & Swirl Water Table - Little ones will have a splash-tastic time with the Finding Dory Swim & Swirl Water Table by Step2. This kid's water table encourages fine motor skills as kids squeeze and squirt water from Dory & Friends while splashing around. Kiddos can send Dory & Friends down the slide and into their own whirlpool with the water table spinner. Playtime doesn't stop outdoors; this play table can be brought indoors for sensory play use with rice or beans.

Available at Amazon (Direct Link)

If you find an interesting Finding Dory product, let us know - add it to the Pixar Post Forum thread dedicated to the latest Dory items!